Interdisplinary Roundtable

TNLF Roundtable Session 3

(Speaker invited by Yueming Yan & Poster made by Yueming Yan & Xinyang Guo)

TNLF Roundtable Session 2

Discharging Fukushima Contaminated Water: Technology, Law, and Humanities

This is an interdisciplinary roundtable discussing Japan's recent decision on discharging Fukushima contaminated water. The speakers will talk about this issue from perspectives of technology, law and humanities

Time: Beijing Time 2021 April 23rd, Friday, 2 pm

Online: VooV meeting (

Meeting ID: 296 004 663 Password: 21 04 23

Host: Anni Dai, JSD Candidate, University of Connecticut


Zheng Xing, Lecturer, Dalian Ocean University (China)

Changru Li, PhD Candidate, Osaka University (Japan)

Ao Jiang, PhD Candidate, Chengdu University of Technology (China)

Speakers invited by Anni Dai & Yueming Yan; Poster made by Yueming Yan

TNLF Roundtable Session 1

Different Approaches to Legal Education

This roundtable discusses topics related to legal education. We have invited four speakers who have and are receiving legal education in China, Canada, the UK, the US, and Switerzland.

Time: Beijing Time 2021 March 27th, Saturday, 8 pm

Online: Voov Meeting

Meeting ID: 886 048 592 Password: 210 327

Host: Beibei Guo, Associate Professor, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (China)


Anni Dai, JSD Candidate, Connecticut University

Xuan Shao, DPhil Candidate, Oxford University

Chen Wang, PhD Candidate, Ottawa University

Lei Zhang, PhD Candidate, Tsinghua University

Speakers and host invited by Yueming Yan; Poster made by Yueming Yan